If you've found this page then you've too much time on your hands. There are places that I watch and an easy way for me to check them from anywhere.

Weather Underground - PDA Weather Underground - Carmel Nextrad
NWS precip prediction Indy weather radar
NWS Radar composite Weather Channel - Carmel
Photo.net - Digital Darkroom Photo.net - B&W Photo - printing & finishing
Rob Galbraith pdaPhoneHome.com Pocket PC pdaPhones forum
Fred Miranda - forums Tour Factory presentation
Luminous-Landscape: What's New Most recent virtual tours
DPReview Professional Photography 101
PhotoSIG Photoshop User
White House Custom Color login Drudge
BetterPhoto PhotoshopNews.com
RichPhelanPhoto Audio Diner
Pacers Virtual Tour of Steve Hilbert's old house TourFactory / Obeo / 360House
FoneHome - locate my phone 5D Mark II registration information from Canon
Wikipedia Emby